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Weed Control Services

Weeds are unhealthy for your lawn’s proper growth. While not intrinsically bad, when they grow in your yard or garden, they soak up most of the nutrients that your grass is supposed to have. This will then cause your grass to lose the nutrients it needs, turning your lawn brown and weak. If a weed is strong enough, it can cause a complete depletion of the soil, nutrients, and moisture that would be otherwise available to your lawn.

At J W's Weed Whacking and Landscape Services, we want to help you maintain your lawn’s health by providing diligent weed control services. With our lawn care services, we ensure weeds don’t overpower your plants. We will apply specific sprays to specific weeds, to control them with ease. You can count on us to deliver excellent service to sustain your lawn’s upkeep.

We administer professional residential and commercial landscaping for those who are looking to enhance the longevity of your greenery. We have the skills and knowledge to keep your grass healthy. Contact us today in Santa Ynez, CA for quality weed control services.